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There are not much to talk about regarding features and amenities in Singalong Townhomes II, since it is just a townhouse complex. However, there are a couple of noteworthy features that benefit the residents that are not present in other townhouses. For instance, the main entrance to the complex actually has a main gate and a guard house. The guard house always has a security personnel stationed so no one can enter the compound unannounced.

In addition, you can also find several Closed Circuit Television cameras installed all over the compound. All of them are always keeping an eye over all of the townhouse units. Do not worry about these facilities intruding your privacy, though, as they are only trained at the exteriors of the houses, giving you a hundred percent assurance that you will still have your privacy. You can rest assured that nothing will escape the watchful eyes of the security guards and the cameras.

All of the townhouses’ main gates are facing away from the main road, which means that no one can enter the houses without going through the guard house first. The driveway is also large enough that an SUV can easily navigate through the compound. However, delivery trucks may not have enough room to get to the main gate of the inner units. They can still get into the main driveway of the compound, though, and just hand-carry your stuff to your doorstep. On the other hand, the roadway, which leads to the main gates of the houses, are wide enough. This ensures that even an SUV will not find it hard to park nose first or rear first in the garage.

The units with rear windows that are facing the main road have steel casements so thieves and other ne’er-do-wells will have a very difficult time to get inside the house uninvited. In addition, the windows are all within the view of the guards and the CCTV cameras. Another great thing about having the main gates facing the interior of the compound is that you do not have to back out your car into the busy main road. Aside from the fact that backing out into a very busy thoroughfare as Singalong Street is scary, it can also be quite an inconvenience for the other drivers on the road.

Another nice, yet simple, security feature that you can find at the Singalong Townhomes II is the high concrete wall, which encloses the three sides of the property. Aside from being high enough, the fence is also finished using a smooth concrete plaster. With this, you have a guarantee that there are no footholds that will aid intruders in scaling the walls. In addition, there is also a razor-sharp barbed wire, which tops the fence. If someone is idiotic enough to try to scale the perimeter fence, then he/she will not only find a painful surprise once he/she reaches the top of the fence. There is also a great chance for him/her to drop. 

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