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Singalong Townhomes II, Located in the heart of Malate, Manila unveils its second phase which merges 10 additional units to existing townhouse project. Complemented with safety & convience features, practical layouts and a stylish design, you will love coming home to your brand-new abode. Living in the heart of Malate is now better than ever!

The best thing about living in Singalong Townhomes II is its ideal location. When I said that you will be near everything that you can ever need or want, it was not an exaggeration. You are literally within walking distance from different facilities and services that you can think of, and maybe even more.

Take shopping malls for instance. You will be living in Malate, which is actually one of the best shopping destinations in Metro Manila, so there are plenty of shops and boutiques in the area. If you want to shop until you drop, then you just need to walk four city blocks to reach Robinson’s Place Manila, one of the most prestigious commercial shopping centers in Manila. If in case you cannot find what you were looking for in Robinson’s Place, you can just cross the street so you can reach SM City Manila, which is another large shopping center. If you are looking for good bargains, then Divisoria is just one jeepney ride away from Singalong Street. When you get there, you will be bombarded with stall upon stall of merchandise that are selling at rock-bottom prices.

If you are just looking for a place where you can do some grocery shopping, there are actually two supermarkets, SM SaveMore and Puregold Supermarket that are in the same block as the Singalong Townhomes II. You literally just step out of your home and walk around the block so you can reach both supermarkets.

If you are looking for colleges and universities for your kids, then you cannot live in a better area because Singalong Townhomes II is just next door to the famed Manila University Belt. The nearest universities that are just two small city blocks away are the Philippine Christian University and the Philippine Women’s University. A bit further down the road, you can hit the prestigious University of the Philippines Manila Campus. There will be no shortage of schools when you choose to live in the Singalong Townhomes II.

If you want to experience a bit of culture and history, Singalong will not disappoint. If you want to go people watching, there is no better place than the legendary Paco Park. Every weekend, there will be stalls there that will sell all kinds of merchandise and food. Sometimes, there are musicians there that will entertain the crowds. In case you want something more spiritual, then Paco Church is just around the block. You can attend mass there all day Sunday, and at certain times during the weekdays and Saturdays. It is during the Christmas season that the church truly comes alive, especially during the Misa de Gallo, which is celebrated nine days before Christmas.

The location alone is more than worth the investment in Singalong Townhomes II. When you choose to live in this compound, you will not be left wanting for anything, because they are all within your reach, and there is no need for you to take your car out of the garage to get to them.

Neighboring Locators :

  • Savemore
  • Puregold
  • Paco Market
  • Paco Chuch
  • Delos Santos School
  • Paco Park
  • St. Anthony Schoom
  • Pedro Gil Health Center
  • PNR San Andres
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